Interconnection Requests

Documentation on interconnecting a large industrial load or a generator to the SIPC transmission system or an SIPC member/owner distribution system is provided below.

For generation less than 40 kW in size, Interconnection Customers should communicate directly with SIPC member/owner distribution utilities. Similarly, for generation interconnections connecting to greater than 100 kV or greater than 50 MW or directly to an SIPC Substation, the Interconnection Customers should proceed through the DPP process with Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc (MISO).

The process for interconnecting generation can be found in the SIPC Generation Interconnection Flow Chart.
SIPC Generation Interconnection Flow Chart

New Load Connections

For new large, industrial loads, applicants will initially communicate directly with SIPC member/owner distribution utilities. Information on the process and data that may be requested is here.

Generation Interconnection Requests connecting to < 100 kV or > 40 kW

For generation interconnections greater than 40 kW in size and connecting to < 100 kV, Interconnection Customers should submit an application and any required fees directly to SIPC. Information on the process, system protection requirements, and the application are provided below:

SIPC Application – Interconnection Request
SIPC Interconnection Process
SIPC Generation Interconnection Protection Requirements

Application Fee for sites less than or equal to 5 MW is $5,000, non-refundable.
Application Fee for sites greater than 5 MW and less than 50 MW is $20,000, non-refundable.
Application Fees are used to cover costs associated with the review of the application and documentation and accounting and engineering processes for initial project setup.
SIPC will assess a $1,000/MW/month fee, non-refundable, to hold a queue position if an Interconnection Agreement has not been fully executed within the specified timelines of the SIPC Engineering Studies for Generation Interconnection Process document and the Interconnection Customer wishes to stay in the queue.
All application fees will be applied to the total interconnection cost if an Interconnection Agreement is fully executed.

The queue is separated by voltage level (69 kV, 12.5 kV and < 600 V) in an effort to streamline smaller interconnection requests.

For generation less than or equal to 5 MW, SIPC offers avoided costs for excess generation beyond the usage metered in each billing cycle.
For generation greater than 5 MW, the Interconnection Customer will have to be registered as a MISO Market Participant.

Any Interconnection that is found to produce back feed on a BES facility will be required to have a MISO Affected System Study performed at the expense of the Interconnection Customer.

Generation Interconnections Requests connecting to 100 kV and above or > 50 MW

For generation interconnections connecting to SIPC substations or lines greater than 100 kV or greater than 50 MW, the Interconnection Customers should proceed through the MISO DPP process, which can be found here.

Information on SIPC Attachment H and G Facilities with MISO is located here

MISO will establish communication to SIPC regarding the application.

Information on SIPC Facility Interconnection Requirements for these interconnections is located here.